Book Art


LSSE (Love Sex Sorry Error)

170 x 200mm, 78 pgs, 4 playlists

Digital print, perfect bound.

Cover: 250gsm gloss. Inners: 200gsm gloss.

Printed Glassine envelope cover.


Remastered and affordable version of original, hand-cut 2019 book

Poignant and personal project based on autobiographical events. The book chapters relationships with people and how these are affected and held in time by technology.

Available through online shop.

To Whom It May Concern


148 x 210mm, 24 pgs, 2 playlists

Mixed publication

1st Edition (one-off) 2020

Remastered for release 2022

Featured in Sunny Bank Mills: Ones to Watch


Includes 12-page zine, fortune teller, 2-page fold-out, transparent zine QR codes are scattered throughout the printed matter which weaves in and out of digital and physical worlds. To Whom It May Concern was created to explore the concept of future memories (messages, people and situations one is yet to experience) this is done through navigating the permanence of messages, memories and situations.

Available through online shop.



105 x 148 mm, 48 pgs.

Cover: Uncoated 350gm. Inners: Recyled uncoated 250gsm.

CW: Stalking.

Mass printed with hand-cut elements. Book reflects on feelings about events that happened around a period of time when I was being harrassed which resurfaced when the person in question contacted me after many years. Wallflower is an emotional insight into long-lasting emotional turmoil and existing as a woman  inside of a sexist and harmful society.

Available through online shop.


Light Rain


90x130mm, 306 pgs, 15 playlists 

Hard-covered box. 


Hand cut & stitched self-published book. Limited-run, available on-demand only. 

The audience is a collaborative artist with this exploded book with an infinite amount of outcomes and combinations. The book explores relationships through their online and offline journey, includes imagery held in desire and private words between lovers. Private installation 2020.


Love Sex Sorry Error

170x200mm 178pg

Text block binding inside a glassine envelope

Glassine covers and housed in a Glassine envelope.

Hand cut & stitched. Limited-run, available on-demand only. 

Poignant and personal project based on autobiographical events. The book chapters relationships with people and how these are affected and held in time by technology.

Wish You Were Were

148 x 210mm 12 pgs


Tracks a journey with loss as a theme features Whitby Harbour and North Yorkshire Moors.

Still Life

148 x 210mm 12 pgs



NSFW Tongue-in-cheek still life compositions featuring luscious fruits and sex toys, considerations of what we use to make to consider ourselves more interesting and adventurous.


In Search of...

Mixed publication

Exhibited at Old Red Bus Station: Group Sex, Leeds December 2018.


Consists of photos, a lightbox and 2 zines which are made to highlight the taboo of sex and sexual subcultures in the city of Leeds with the safety of sex workers in mind.



Transparent yellow covers.

297 x 210mm 

Hard, fabric covering.


Photographic book with collage and typographic elements, a reflective book on returning to Berlin a year after moving back to the UK in turbulent circumstances.

Explores vulnerability and emotional journalling and revisiting sentimental places with fresh eyes.





Concertina 10pgs


Photographic book. Satin photo paper, softcover addresses toxic masculinity and femininity in gender roles, showing a spectrum of gender expression.